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HomePlace Response to Lockdown – Letter for Families

Dear Family/friends and advocates

Re: Update in HomePlace response to the lockdown

As you are no doubt aware, from midnight 19th November, we are going into a hard lockdown.  

Outlined below is our response to the lockdown:

1. Shared living homes

  • No visitors and no participant to leave their home, not even for exercise.
  • If possible, we will have groceries delivered.
  • We will be supporting participants to maintain contact with family and friends via electronic communication.

2. Independent/community participants

  • Essential support only will be provided.  Please be assured we will ensure Participants are not left with no one to assist them through this difficult time.
  • Senior Coordinators are contacting participants and their families and relevant support staff regarding support arrangements during the lockdown.

3. Masks & other personal protective equipment

  • Staff have been directed to wear masks if they are within 1.5 meters of a participant.  Please be assured this is to keep participants safe as the biggest risk to our participants is staff or others bringing COVID into their home. 
  • Two cloth masks have been distributed to each staff member and one to each participant.  We also have disposable masks available, however, we are directing staff to utilise the cloth masks where possible.
  • HomePlace has stocks of hand sanitiser and gloves in addition to masks.  We are being careful in the distribution of these key resources to minimise waste and prevent hoarding.  

4. Office and Administrative Support

  • The office will be operating with skeleton/essential staff only.
  • All Senior Coordinators and the majority of Administration staff will be working from home, but can still be contacted via the office as reception is able to put calls through.  Please feel free to ring and communicate with your key contacts at HomePlace. 
  • No visitors to the office, however staff will be able to come to the office to replenish supplies etc.  We are asking staff to ring ahead if they need to come to the office.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email me at or call the HomePlace Office on (08) 8445 9900.

Denice Wharldall
Executive Director

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